Diploma Results

Students should now be able to access their individual results from https://candidates.ibo.org. Any ISM Moshi Campus student having difficulty with this should contact Keiron White by email on keironw@ed.ismoshi.com or by WhapsApp on +255 767 534766 [Please do not use phone or SMS to this number].

2016 Moshi Campus Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2016. This class produced some excellent IB diploma results including a 91% diploma pass rate. Special congratulations go to Lisa Matay who scored 43 points and to Roos de Raadt with 41 points.

Please find below a summary of the 2016 results:

Click here for 2016 Graduation photos

2016 Arusha Campus Results

Congratulations to the students and teachers of the Arusha Campus inaugural graduating class of 2016. They achieved a 100% Diploma pass rate in their first year of graduation.

Please find below a summary of the 2016 results for Arusha Campus:

ISM 2016 IB Worldwide
Total number of candidates 11 135,045
No. of diploma candidates 10 67,524
Diploma passes 10 (100%) 79%
Number with 30+ points 30% 53%
Good grades (5-7) 50% 57%