Pay by Credit Card


Fees or other sums due to International School Moshi can be paid by using an international credit or debit card through a secure and safe Paypal server. You can presently pay any amount between $25 and £4000.

Please note that ISM will deduct a handling charge of up to 8% for all credit card payments received (this reflects charges and costs passed on to us by PayPal). Payments made in GBP (British Pounds) will attract a lower handling charge.

Please complete the form below after which you will be redirected to a secure server to enter your credit card details. Your credit card details will not be revealed to International School Moshi or to any person other than the PayPal secure server.

* Student’s first name:
* Student’s last name:
Description of payment:
* Amount:

Note: payments made in USD or EUR will attract an 8% handling charge. Payments made in GBP will have a lower handling charge.
Invoice number (if known):
Click ‘Submit’ to be redirected to a secure Paypal server in order to enter credit card details.


Do I need a PayPal account to pay this way?

No. On the first page you will be asked if you have a PayPal account. If not, just click “Pay with a debit or credit card” where indicated to pay directly by credit or debit card.

What possible payments could I make this way?

  • Send extra pocket money to your boarding child safely and fast
  • Pay for music lessons, airport transport, or other smaller charges
  • Send money to the ISM Scholarship Fund
  • Settle outstanding bills with ISM quickly and simply

  • Is this method of payment safe?

    Read more here about how PayPal is a secure payment method.

    What other methods can I use to pay ISM?

    Payments can be received in any of the following ways:

  • Cash received at either Moshi or Arusha campuses in USD, GBP or Tanzanian Shillings
    (US$ bills below $50 or GBP notes below GBP20 will incur a bank administration fee)
  • Payments made in TSh by M-Pesa to 0767534766. M-Pesa withdrawal charges will be applied.
  • Bank transfer to any of our accounts in Tanzania, the USA or the UK. Please contact our accounts office to receive bank account details. We need to receive direct information from those who choose to pay charges by bank transfer – without this we cannot be certain that the amount received will be credited to the right fees account.
  • Cheques in TZS or USD drawn on a bank in Tanzania delivered to either campus.
  • Cheques drawn in US$ on a US bank, or in GBP on a UK bank delivered to either campus.

  • Payers will be charged any transaction fees associated with bank transfers or cheques.

    Figures given in currencies other than USD ($) are approximate and for information purposes only. Actual rates at the time of payment may differ. The School uses mean commercial bank rates to calculate conversion between US$, £, TSh and other currencies, and the Oanda rate given below is for guideline use only. The /-.

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