Last year and advancement committee was created and tasked by the board to research ideas and initiatives for the development of the school. the first initiative suggested was an MYP scholarship for talented Tanzanian students to attend the Arusha campus. In January 2014 the the first cohort of MYP scholarship students  commenced their education on Arusha campus.

the committees second initiative has been to suggest and choose a building project for each campus that will develop the facilities and benefit all students attending the school.


The project for moshi is the re-development and upgrade of Karibu Hall. Fundraising is already underway.


the project for Arusha is an all weather covering for the hard courts. Our first big fundraiser will take place ay the International festival on March 8 2014.

It’s a very exciting time for the school with number growing an the introduction of the IB Diploma on the Arusha campus. We would be happy to discuss any aspect of our priorities with you in more detail and we hope if you are able, that you will consider donating to one of these projects. Please contact us if you would be interested in hearing more and helping us to achieved our ambitions.