ISM’s Moshi Campus welcomes boarding students aged 7 years and above.

ISM’s Moshi Campus welcomes boarding students aged 7 years and above. The quiet and secluded Moshi Campus offers an excellent environment for boarding students which, combined with a high level of care from boarding parents, helps to ensure that all have the maximum opportunity to achieve success and develop as leaders for the future.


The Moshi Campus has about 140 boarders living in a number of different houses, separated for the different ages and sexes. A boarding parent lives in, or immediately next to, each boarding house and is responsible for the care and supervision of the students. Each boarding parent is assisted by one or two other members of staff assigned to that house. Our Head of Boarding, Rosemary Bango () is responsible for overseeing the whole boarding programme and ensuring the standards that we expect. With our experienced staff and comprehensive structure, we can ensure that students are well cared for at all times.

Each boarding house has its own common room furnished with easy chairs, and tables suitable for board games and coffee cups. The students have a kettle, a toaster, a cooker, conventional ovens, and microwave ovens. There are refrigerators in each house. The school supplies fruits, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, margarine, honey, jam, peanut butter, oil, salt and pepper to boarders, as well as cups and cutlery (students are encouraged to bring their own mugs if they are regular coffee/tea drinkers). A Wi-Fi connection to the school network is available throughout the campus, and personal Wi-Fi internet access is optionally available for secondary students at a monthly fee of $40 – note that all students have free internet access in the Computer Centre and Library.

All houses have shower facilities with both hot and cold water. The room interiors can be decorated with posters, pictures and photographs of the student’s choice (the fronts of doors are common domain and are not to be personalised). We ask only that there are no pictures that may cause offence to fellow students or visitors. Many students also bring their own rugs and/or floor mats to help brighten up their rooms. Each student is issued a key to his/her room. Bed sheets and pillowcases (changed on a weekly basis), insect sprays, and toilet rolls are also provided.

We aim to make boarders feel at home in their boarding houses on campus.
The individual boarding houses are as follows:

Kimbilio and Kiota Houses

Our two primary boarding houses for children aged 7 to 11 years. These can accommodate 22 children in double rooms with bunk beds. Both boarding houses have large social areas and a work area for the children. There is a small outdoor play area between the two houses.

 Kivuli House

Kivuli accommodates boys in M1 to M5 (approximately aged 11 to 16). This house was recently extended and refurbished. Most of the rooms are large double rooms each with their own en suite shower and toilet. A few smaller rooms are single rooms which share a common bathroom. Kivuli can accommodate 28 boys.

 Kiongozi House

Kiongozi is a boarding house for girls in M1 to M5 (aged 11 to 16). All the rooms here are double rooms and students share a common bathroom. Kiongozi has a common room and a large kitchen area where girls can prepare their own meals at weekends (if they wish), and can accommodate 27 girls.

 Kilele and Kipepeo Houses

These two houses each accommodate 17 boys from D1 to D2 in split level rooms each for two students. Each house has two shared bathrooms, a kitchen and a common room.

 Kijana House

Kijana is an attractive courtyard-styled house for diploma girls. Most of the rooms are for two students and have their own en suite shower and toilet. There is a kitchen/common room and this house can accommodate up to 34 girls.

Further details of Boarding can be found on other pages of this website (see menu) or from the student Boarding Handbook.

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