Daily Routine

The day starts at approximately 06.15, when boarding parents wake students. This is followed by breakfast, which is served from 06.40 – 07.15. There is a brief registration period for all students at 07.30 and classes start at 07.35. There is a morning break from 10.15 – 10.35 when boarders can get snacks at the dining room. Classes then continue until 12.35 (for secondary students) or 13:05 (for primary students) when a mid-day meal is served. The afternoon programme runs from Monday to Thursday from 13.20 to 18.00. This programme includes some secondary lessons, sports, and a variety of creative and service activities.

Our evening meal is served at 18.00. Every Wednesday we serve a special meal featuring a menu selected by a different boarding house (additional special meals are served on important occasions throughout the year, such as the end of Ramadan or Christmas). Each evening from Sunday to Thursday we have time set aside for study (times given below). This Study Hall is an important part of the daily routine. It is used for doing homework and for general revision. It is a time when we guarantee a quiet and peaceful work environment. It is also an opportunity to receive academic support from the staff on duty, as well as some members of the teaching staff who assist in the evenings on a voluntary basis.

All students are expected to be present for Study Hall and to be working independently. There is a computer room available to students at this time and during the day. Students may bring their own computer (a computer is encouraged for students in D1 & D2). Although there are set times for study hall, students, particularly those in the Diploma Programme who have access to a special study room on campus, will also be required to work independently throughout the week. Thus, we strive to maintain an environment in residential areas that is conducive to study at all times. Boarding houses are locked during class time.

There is some free time between the end of study hall and the time that students must return to their boarding house at night. The social centre, Karibu Hall, and the weights room are open between the end of study hall and curfew. The swimming pool is also open occasionally for an evening swim and occasional sports activities may take place following study hall.

Each student is required to be in bed with lights out at the times provided below. The time between curfew and lights out is a quiet time during which students prepare for bed. During the weekends the day starts later and curfews also tend to be later. There are activities tailored to suit all ages and interests, including off-campus trips organised for weekends. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved in the planning and organisation of these activities. Each boarding house rotates a duty to organise weekend activities.

Quick Reference Timetables

Meal Times and Study Hall

Sun Mon-Thu Fri Sat
Breakfast 08:45-09:45 06:40-07:15 06:40-07:15 08:45-09:45
Snack 10:15-10:35 10:15-10:35
Lunch: primary
Lunch: secondary
13:00-13:30 13:05-13:45
12:35-13:20 13:00-13:30
Snack House fruit bowls
Dinner 18:00-18:40 18:00-18:40 18:00-18:40 18:00-18:40
Study Hall: M1-M5
There is no official study hall on these days, but we strive to retain an atmosphere that is conducive to study
Snack Provided in boarding houses


Curfew and Lights Out

Sun-Thu Fri-Sat
M1 In Room
Lights out
M2-M5 In Room
Lights out
D1-D2 In Room
Lights out