Visits & Leave

Outside tuition and study time students are encouraged to receive visits from friends and relatives. This is an essential part of living a balanced, healthy life. Parents are particularly welcome and we would like to extend an open invitation to any parent who would like to visit the school, tour the campus, discuss their child’s needs, meet the students or enjoy a meal.

Students in Primary and in M1 to M4 may not leave campus unsupervised at any time. Students in M5 and the diploma classes may leave campus at certain specified times, but only if parental consent has been given and if permission has been sought from his/her boarding parent who will need to know the destination, reason and time of return.


Weekends away from school are encouraged, whether this be a visit home, or overnight with friends, or even on one of the many Outdoor Pursuits, or other trips that occur throughout the year. At various intervals overnight boarding excursions are also planned. For obvious reasons there needs to be some management of students leaving campus, and we thus ask parents to state the privileges they wish to allow their child on a comprehensive Parental Consent form (see below). Some families living in Arusha or near to Moshi may wish to invite their children’s friends to stay at the weekend. We will encourage this, but must receive the invitation by Thursday (before the weekend) to give us time to confirm all arangements.


Parents will be asked to complete this form (appropriate to their child’s class) before the child joins boarding each year. It is essential that we receive this form if we are to be guided by your wishes.

Primary Primary
M1-M4 M1-M4
M5-D2 M5-D2

Further details of Boarding can be found on other pages of this website (see menu) or from the student Boarding Handbook.

Other boarding documents can be found on our Publications page.