Arusha Campus

ISM’s Arusha Campus was set up in 1986 and moved to a new well-designed and attractive site on the Dodoma Road about 12km from the town in 1996.

Enrolment: Approximately 220 students from ages 3 to 18
Day students: All of Arusha Campus students are day students
Student Nationalities: Students come from nearly 40 different nations all across the world. No nation represents more than 20% of the student population. We have significant number of students from Tanzania, Netherlands, UK, USA and other African nations and northern Europe.
Teacher Nationalities: Teachers on the Arusha Campus come from the following nations: Australia, Canada, France, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, UK, USA and Zimbabwe.
Curriculum: Classes EC to P6: Primary Years Programme (PYP)
Classes M1-M5: Middle Years Programme (MYP)
Classes D1-D2 of the Diploma Years Programme (DP)
Contact: Contact Phil Bowen, Head of Campus, at



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