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Guiding Statements

These Guiding Statements will be updated soon to reflect International School Moshi’s transition to UWC East Africa.

Philosophy of Education

Learning is a life-long process nurtured through an education that is inspirational in nature, holistic in perspective, global in context and responsible in practice.


International School Moshi provides a world-class education through a challenging international curriculum in a dynamic environment. We are committed to developing balanced global citizens who are empowered to act responsibly in a complex world.


International School Moshi, Tanzania will be globally recognized as the finest international school in East Africa, enabling our students to be successful people.


We believe that the following statements define and promote personal excellence in all facets of education, the pursuit of which is the expectation for all.

-Learning takes place in a safe, collaborative and caring environment

-An education that is inspirational in nature emphasises inquiry, relevance, creativity, and reflection

-Holistic learning encompasses the development of social, emotional, cognitive and physical dispositions

-Holistic learning explores the links between different subjects and connects experiences within and outside the classroom

-Education in a global context promotes an appreciation and understanding of multiple perspectives and interdependence of individuals, societies and environments

-Being responsible involves having attitudes and undertaking actions that are socially and ethically sound.

-Being responsible entails prudent use of resources, and mindful application of knowledge


This will be accomplished by:

-Providing the finest student-centred educational programmes through the International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP, DP)

-Offering internationally recognized qualifications enabling entry to the finest universities in the world

-Recruiting and retaining the finest staff who are highly qualified, experienced, dynamic, and caring

-Extending and developing networks with local, regional and international partnerships

-Supporting educational, cultural and personal development through engagement with our communities

-Making full use of the opportunities offered by the unique location and environment

-Building an effective and efficient organization able to continually develop and improve our educational, financial and operational performance.

Internationally Minded People

We have developed our own definition of International Mindedness.

Internationally minded people:

  • Are curious about the world and different cultures.
  • Strive to learn about the values, beliefs and practices of their own culture so that they can better understand those found in their host country and elsewhere.
  • Seek to understand how personal values, beliefs and practices impact one’s own and other’s contexts for learning and interacting in settings such as social, occupational, and educational.
  • Demonstrate the values of the IB Learner Profile.
  • Are influenced, but not confined, by the cultures of their upbringing.
  • Recognise that many values, beliefs and practices are universal.
  • Recognise and reflect on their place in an increasingly interdependent, globalised world.
  • Recognise and critically engage with multiple perspectives.
  • Bridge cultures and act to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.