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* New Teachers 2017

We are very pleased to welcome the new teachers to the Moshi Campus for the start of the 2017/18 school year. Our new teachers are introduced below.

Anna Marsden

Anna will be joining ISM in August as our new Director. Originally a psychiatric nurse, Anna started out in education as a science teacher with Voluntary Services Overseas, teaching in Zimbabwe. She then moved to Swaziland before joining International School Suva, Fiji where she was recently Head of School. Anna will be joined by her partner, Roderick, and their two children, Luke and James.

Jaime Strattan

Jaime Strattan, Kiongozi Boarding & MYP Science
I am excited to join ISM’s family of eclectic educators. My professional teaching background includes experiences spanning over multiple grade levels and subjects. I have had placements in public schools and private science summer camps, worked with kindergarteners through eighth graders, and taught everything from phonics to physics. These experiences have molded me into the compassionate, yet rigorous educator I am today. I am curious to see what new qualities my position at ISM will bring out in me.

I am from the state of Florida in the USA. I fill my personal time soaking in the dynamic tapestry that is Miami. Scuba diving, salsa dancing, cheering at sporting events (Go Dolphin and Heat), as well as attending festivals and international art shows, are some of my favorite ways to spend a day. I also enjoy yoga, creative writing, and science-fiction movies.

I have spent the last year in Arusha and Moshi volunteering in health clinics as an EMT and in local government schools as a chemistry/English tutor. I feel lucky to remain in this beautiful small town. I am looking forward to returning to classroom teaching and positively supporting the life experiences of boarding students.

Eva Toth-Nagy

Eva Toth-Nagy, Learning Support
Hello, my name is Eva Toth-Nagy. I am Hungarian, born in Slovakia, studied in Hungary and have lived in the UK for the last 13 years. After completing my English teaching degree in Hungary, I taught English as a foreign language in various language schools across Budapest. In 2004 I moved to England and worked as a teaching assistant, then as a teacher in a special needs secondary school, which has been a fantastically rewarding experience. Special needs children are great, they have taught me a lot and helped me become a better person. I am forever grateful to them for the past 12 years and for letting me into their world. Thanks to them I’ll be joining ISM as Head of Learning Support, which is a privilege.

I will be moving to Moshi with my husband Gabor and 2 beautiful children, Lili (9) and Benji (7) who are very excited about being in the same school as their mum. We are looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle with plenty of sunshine at the foothills of Kilimanjaro and cannot wait to visit the national parks, Maasai villages and Zanzibar, meeting new friends, learning Kiswahili and of course climbing Kilimanjaro!

Apart from my family, Hungarian folk dance and folk music is my passion (I danced for 12 years myself) but I also love reading and I’m a bit obsessed with a healthy, meditation, pilates, swimming and healthy food! I absolutely love travelling and discovering new places and cultures, so I’m very excited about exploring Tanzania with my lovely family! Hakuna matata! – as the warthog says

Anthony Hemmens

Anthony Hemmens, English teacher
Hello. My name’s Anthony, I’m from England and I’m very excited to be joining the ISM community in August.

I studied philosophy at Hull university with the mistaken idea that it might give me some answers to my myriad questions. Leaving with more questions than I’d started with, I realized I needed to extend my education by getting into the world, and so I began a grand tour which isn’t anywhere near completion. I’ve been wonderfully fortunate to have visited many astonishing places on our beautiful planet and to have lived in some wonder countries: Hungary, Portugal, Japan, Malaysia, and now Tanzania. This will be my first time in sub-Saharan Africa; I’m very much looking forward to it, there’s lots I need to learn.

I teach English literature and language, TOK, and I’ll be taking on the role of CAS coordinator at ISM. I love teaching for three reasons of equal importance: I love learning, I love the phenomena which is knowledge, and I love exploring the domain of knowledge with young people; passing on to them my love and fascination for knowledge, and paying witness to their development into extraordinary young adults who are curious and passionate about life and the world.

I completed my MA in Education at Bath University in 2016. I now love the free time I've repossessed almost as much as I loved the study itself. In the final year of my MA, as well as researching and writing my dissertation, I worked as a researcher at Bath University as part of the team investigating the IB DP CAS programme. The opportunity to work at ISM as the CAS coordinator will be a great opportunity to marry my understanding of CAS, gleaned through our research, with the practical reality of experiential learning.

I have many passions: reading, writing, chess, tennis, swimming, drinking coffee, talking. I love the outdoors: hiking and mountain biking. Travelling for anthropological and ecological exploration and understanding is a lifelong quest for me.

I met my wife, Yoshiko, in an airport in Japan; a very fitting place for two travellers to meet. Many years later, while living on the dramatic and enchanted island of Hokkaido in north Japan, our daughter joined us. Hanaka will be having her ninth birthday shortly after we arrive in Tanzania, which will be her fourth country of residence; she’s already a truly international girl.

So, I’m looking forward to my arrival in Tanzania, my arrival at ISM and to meeting you all.

Laura Webb

Laura Webb, French
I’m currently teaching French at Lyford Cay International School in Nassau, Bahamas. Prior to this post I taught French and Italian in the UK and English in France (French Guiana), I’ve also worked for shorter periods in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. I’m excited to be moving from this beautiful, small island to new surroundings. The prospect of different outdoors activities is appealing to me and I look forward to settling into the community in Moshi. I’m interested in promoting growth mindset through teaching. Outside of school I enjoy diving, running, the gym, occasional yoga and I’ve this year become interested in mindfulness.

Mboka Mwasongwe

Mboka Mwasongwe, P1/2 teacher
I never thought that I would be back after 20 years of being away. Life is full of surprises. One of them was veering towards teaching after completing my Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Pharmacology. Teaching was in my blood and I couldn’t fathom doing anything else. Completing my PGDE clinched it for me and I have never looked back.

I have worked in a few local private schools as a teacher as well as a principal. I have also taught in various international schools in Tanzania, namely Dar-es-Salaam International Academy, Braeburn International School Arusha and Haven of Peace Academy.

Since I was 7 years old, I have attended international schools and I always believe that this prepared me to empathize fully with the children I have been teaching. I am looking forward to joining the ISM community again. I am also looking forward to sharing ISM with my family; my husband Elisha and my two children Jonathan (6) and Atuganile (3)

Emmanuel Kileo

Emmanuel Kileo, Counsellor
Emmanuel Kileo will be joining us in August as our new part-time counsellor. Mr Kileo has a bachelor's degree in theology, a master's degree in social work and a PhD in intercultural studies. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management Studies at Stefano Moshi Memorial University College as well as Director of the Institute of Continuing and Professional Studies. He has previously worked as a counsellor at secondary schools, a teacher-training institute, and a university and has a broad experience of couselling a variety of students from varying cultural backgrounds. We look forward to him joining ISM.

Owain Evans

Owain Evans, Early Childhood teacher
Owain is not a new face to ISM - apart from joining us (for the second time) in August 2016 with his wife Mary (Music teacher) and children, Savannah and Reuben, Owain kindly stepped in earlier in the 16/17 school year to work with our P1/P2 class. We welcome Owain as a continuing teacher in the school.