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ISM School Fees Details 2017/18

Tuition and Boarding Fees

ISM charges tuition fees annually to cover the full costs of tuition, exercise books, loan of text books and participation in all aspects of the sports and CAS programmes. We usually charge separately for items such as individual music lessons, or as a contribution to the Outdoor Pursuits programme.
Boarding fees include the full costs of boarding care, accommodation, laundry, food, and medical services provided by the school nurse or school doctor.
Tanzanian citizens and residents may pay fees in Tanzanian shillings using the figures below. Fees are revised monthly and the amount to be paid is the figure given at the time of receipt of payment.
You may pay tuition and boarding fees either in one complete payment for the whole school year which must be received before 1st July 2017, or in four separate instalments by the dates specified below.

Full Year Payment

If you choose to pay for the whole year before 1st July 2017, you should pay the following amount:

Payment in TSh
Payment in US$
Class Day student Boarder Day Student Boarder
Early Childhood 14.7m 6 500
Primary P1-P6 23.7m 36.3m 10 500 16 100
M1-M5 (Class 7 – Form 4) 31.8m 44.5m 14 100 19 700
D1 & D2 (Form 5 – 6) 35.9m 53.3m 15 900 23 600

Payment by Instalments

If you prefer to pay in four separate instalments, please pay the amounts below by the dates indicated:
Tanzanian citizens and residents (TSh)

Class 01 Jul 17 01 Oct 17 01 Dec 17 01 Mar 18 Total
Early Childhood 3.39m 3.39m 4.06m 3.84m 14.67m
Primary P1-P6 5.64m 5.64m 6.77m 6.77m 24.83m
M1-M5 (Class 7 – Form 4) 7.45m 7.45m 9.25m 9.25m 33.4m
D1 & D2 (Form 5 – 6) 8.35m 8.35m 10.61m 10.38m 37.69m
P2-M5 boarders, add: 2.93m 2.93m 3.84m 3.61m 13.32m
D1 & D2 boarders, add: 4.06m 4.06m 5.19m 4.97m 18.28m

Non-residents and international organisations (US$)

Class 01 Jul 17 01 Oct 17 01 Dec 17 01 Mar 18 Total
Early Childhood 1500 1500 1800 1700 6 500
Primary P1-P6 2500 2500 3000 3000 11 000
M1-M5 (Class 7 – Form 4) 3300 3300 4100 4100 14 800
D1 & D2 (Form 5 – 6) 3700 3700 4700 4600 16 700
P2-M5 boarders, add: 1300 1300 1700 1600 5 900
D1 & D2 boarders, add: 1800 1800 2300 2200 8 100

It is also possible to arrange to pay fees in monthly instalments. Please arrange to meet the Head of Campus if you wish to discuss this plan.
We offer a 5% discount for the second oldest child in a family enrolled in the school, 10% for the third, and 20% for subsequent children in a family on all tuition and boarding fees for children in P1 or above.
If we do not receive payment by the due dates, we shall have to impose a surcharge of 10%.
Early Childhood children have the option of staying for an extended school day at an additional fee of TSh 3.2m (US$ 1420) per year.

For new students only

When a student first joins ISM, we charge a Capital Development Fee as a contribution to the School’s past and future capital development.
For the first / second / third /subsequent child in a family :
TSh 2.93m / 2.26m / 1.13m / nil
US$ 1300 / 1000 /500/ nil
per year for two years

We also charge a Deposit upon first entry to the School. This deposit will be refunded after the student finally leaves ISM.
For each child in a family: TSh 2.26m (US$ 1000)
Parents of children in Early Childhood may defer payment of the Capital Development Fee and Deposit until their child joins P1.

Examination Fee

Students in the examination years will pay an Examination Fee:
Students in M5 (for MYP Assessment): TSh 1.63m (US$ 720)
Students in D2 (for Diploma exams): TSh 1.63m (US$ 1000)

Remission of Fees

In cases of financial hardship, parents may apply for a remission of tuition fees. Application forms and details are available from the school office on either campus.


Fees must be paid in Tanzanian Shillings or in convertible foreign currency. The rate used for conversion between TSh and US$ will be based on mean commercial rates and will be published by the school each month. All payments should be made to International School Moshi Ltd. Advice of payment must be delivered to the school either in person or by email to Cheques drawn on US banks are accepted, as are TSh or US$ cheques drawn on banks in Tanzania. Bank charges will be charged for cheques drawn on other banks. Foreign currency cheques should not be posted to the school, but may be delivered in person.

Bank transfers can be made to the following accounts. Please note that most banks will charge bank charges which need to be paid by the payer. The school will credit the net amount actually received in our bank account less any bank charges and, if payment is received in a currency other than US$, the exchange rate used for conversion will be the mean commercial rate used by the school in the month that the funds are received.

Bank Account outside Tanzania
US Dollars: International School Moshi. Account number 15274713,Citibank, 8516 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182, USA. ABA number: 254070116.SWIFT code: CITIUS33
Note: ISM no longer holds a bank account in £ Sterling

Bank Accounts in Tanzania
International School Moshi Ltd, Exim Bank, Moshi Branch, PO Box 3001, Moshi, Tanzania (SWIFT Code: EXTNTZTZ)
US Dollars: Account number 0070015384
Tanzanian Shillings: Account number 0070015383
Fees can be paid in person through any branch of Exim Bank in Tanzania.
Please fax or email a copy of the paying-in slip.

M-Pesa LIPA Facility in Tanzania
Tanzanian Shillings: Account/LIPA number 5656408
Dial *150*00# | 4:Pay by M-Pesa | 1:Enter LIPA number

Responsibility for Payment

Parents whose children’s fees are paid by agencies or companies are reminded that the contractual agreement regarding fees is with parents in the first instance and that parents are therefore responsible for ensuring that fees are paid by the due dates.

Notice of Withdrawal

Parents are also responsible for providing 30 school days’ (excluding weekends and school holidays) written notice of withdrawal of a child from tuition or boarding, in lieu of which they are liable to pay TSh 2.26m ($1000).

Fees may be adjusted periodically. The school also reserves the right to alter fees should there be a significant change in circumstances. Fees are not refundable in the event of temporary withdrawal by parents, or of suspension or expulsion of the student by the school.

Difficulties with Payment

The school understands that families occasionally have difficulties with fee payments and will try to assist in such circumstances. If you anticipate any problems with payments of fees, please arrange to meet with the Head of Campus as early as possible so that alternative payment plans could be discussed.