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What is the ISM Scholarship Programme?

The International School Moshi (ISM) Scholarship Programme develops the future leaders of Tanzania by giving talented local students full scholarships to complete their schooling. Scholarships are offered on both campuses for students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Forms 5 & 6). We ensure these students are successful through hosting them as boarding students, enabling them to participate fully in co-curricular activities, and providing them with pastoral care and university application support.

In addition to ISM’s own scholarships, ISM is also a partner in the Beacon Scholarship Programme for students aged 13 and above. Click here for more details.

Our aim is to:

  • extend the opportunity for excellent education to outstanding disadvantaged Tanzanian students.
  • develop and prepare ambitious Tanzanian students for future leadership positions within the nation and East Africa.

  • Only 5% of Tanzanian teenagers regularly attend secondary school and the need for educated, capable and committed professionals to manage the country‚Äôs development is becoming overwhelming. ISM is working to meet this need by carefully selecting bright, enthusiastic and compassionate students, and by giving them the opportunity to develop their academic potential, global perspective and sense of personal direction.

    The Programme:

    The ISM Scholarship Student Programme began in August 2002. Since then, over thirty scholarship students have graduated from ISM with a world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma since 2004 and have studied at universities including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Amherst and Univ. of British Columbia, on full scholarships. We currently have eight scholarship students in school who are working hard to fulfill their dream of obtaining an excellent academic achievement. 6 new scholarship students joined the school in August 2017 and further students will join in August 2018.

    After completing their studies, our scholars will be suitably equipped for the global leadership role that their country needs them to play, so that Tanzania can develop for the improvement of all of its citizens.

    Further Information

    Our scholarships for students to start in August 2018 have now been awarded and the scholarship application process for 2018-2020 is now completed. We hope to be able to offer more scholarships for students who complete form four in November 2018. These will be advertised after the issue of form four results in January 2019.

    Further Information is also available on the following pages:

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