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Moshi Campus News – 15 April 2018

Moshi Campus News – 15 April 2018


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An Amazing Transformation

Last night K-hall underwent an amazing transformation to host the first ever Khanga Gala designed to raise funds to support our scholarship program.  Huge thanks goes to our wonderful PTA, who had the inspiration for the idea of a fundraising gala and saw it through to fruition. In particular, I must mention Karen, Maria, Caroline, Tara, Gelske, Mie, Agness, Elmarie, Sanae and Jenny who all spent a large amount of time on this project.

The night started with great food and drinks and continued with dancing and a band. In addition, there was a large selection of raffle prizes which ranged from orchids, to meals and a trip to Mafia Island.  Our parents and alumni provided many of these as well as the highly sought after silent auction items.  I must say that one of the more entertaining moments involved two parents intertwined trying to each outbid the other for a safari trip.  Many thanks to everyone who attended the gala. Your generosity with regard to purchasing raffle tickets and bidding at the silent auction has helped raise funds for future scholarships for Tanzanian students. 

We will announce soon the total amount raised, but it definitely exceeded expectations.  From both a social event standpoint as well as a fundraising point of view, last night was an unequivocal success for the PTA.  If you see any of our PTA members be sure to congratulate them.

Upcoming Events

Diploma News

Our D2 students will conduct a ‘farewell assembly’ on Monday and have a last week of classes through Friday.  After a study week, D2 official IB exams start on Friday April 27th and will continue for three weeks. 

ISM DP Graduation weekend plans are developing and include: A) Graduation Dinner at AMEG Lodge on Friday May 18th; B) Graduation in Karibu Hall on Saturday May 19th and C) a post-Graduation Tea in Rafiki Hall and surrounding gardens.

For the D1 students, the end of year exams will start on Thursday May 24th and end on Tuesday May 29th. 

Invaluable parent-teacher meetings and a wonderful parent-teacher end-of-year assembly will occur on Thursday June 14th – plan ahead and be there. 

Dialogue with your ISM DP son/daughter about Academic Honesty (http://www.uwcea.org/documents/achonesty.pdf) as the faculty does with DP students, the more people involved in this discussion the better.

Rick Fitzpatrick

MYP News

MAP Test M1-M3 – Results

The MAP test results are out, and we will share them in the coming week. We are pleased with results.

M3 Trip

The students came back from their trip tired but happy. We thank the parents for allowing the children to experience learning out of the classroom in Arts and Kiswahili subjects.

M4 End Year Examinations

As part of examination skills training, the M4 will do end year examinations from May 24-29 in all subjects except the Arts, PHE, Design and Life Skills.

M5 Revision

We released the M5 Mock results over the Easter Break and teachers have embarked on revision for the May examinations. As promised, we are now using Personal Project, Design, Life Skills and Arts lessons for targeted revision of on-screen and Interdisciplinary Learning examinations.

MAY 2018 Examinations

The examinations will be done during May 8 to 18. Students received the Interdisciplinary Learning examination reading material on April 3. The Science and Language teachers are equally preparing the students using this material for the main examination. Teachers will also use all accessible on-screen past papers to help students prepare during this period.

Other events in the M5 calendar include:

  • May 21 – Work Experience
  • May 28 – 31 Preparation for the M5 Ceremony
  • June 1 – M5 Ceremony

David Ochieng

Boarding News

There is good progress in the renovation of the Diploma dorm, Kipepeo. In upcoming newsletters, we will share pictures of the changed spaces. The common room, kitchen and individual rooms will be refurbished, and will be ready by next school year.

The D2 students have their last classes on Friday 20th April and proceed on study leave from 23rd April. Most boarders plan to stay on campus to study for their final exams which will begin at the end of the month.

Boarders are being encouraged to clean up after themselves in the dorm kitchen and common area. Sharing a common space and materials respectfully is a life skill that they will find useful later in life. While for the most part this works well, there are some that find this challenging.  It has been very interesting to see these students as they try to work together to get their kitchen tidy. We hope they will get used to the idea before heading off to university.

Rosemary Bango

UWC Volunteer

Hi everyone! My name is Ricardo, and I am from São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. When I was 16, I was selected to go to UWC Atlantic College, in Wales, UK. I graduated UWC in 2013, and after that I went to Columbia University in New York City, where I studied Biology, and Anthropology. In the future, I hope to study medicine and work with humanitarian causes and social justice.

Attending UWC was deeply transformative and one of the best experiences of my life. I made amazing friends from all over the world, and was given the space to follow my own path with the support of those around me. I am very excited to be here in Moshi, and it has been an immense pleasure getting to know the ISM community so far. I look forward to helping strengthen the ideals of diversity, student empowerment, and social justice that ISM and UWC share, as we join together to create a better world through transformative education.

Sports News

Welcome back to the final push towards the end of the school year. The ISM Sports Department looks to close out the year on a positive note.

All practices will have resumed. Please make sure you attend every practice session.

On Tuesday April 17th the ISM Sports Department will host its annual Sports Award Banquet. Here we will take the opportunity to celebrate the sporting year. The event will open at 17:00, all secondary students are to attend. Dinner tickets for 10,000 Tsh will be sold at the door for coaches, day students and parents.

On Saturday April 21st our U15 and U19 Netball teams will be back in action at SCIS, keep posted for results and photos.

As the season and year progress please keep up with all the info, news, and sports reports by reading the Moshi Campus News.

Go Leopards

Scott Hibbard

Primary News

This week I have been impressed by the communication skills of our eldest and youngest Primary children. The PYP Exhibition Groups announced their different areas of research confidently in Monday’s assembly and the EC class performed a delightful drama of Sleeping Beauty in Friday’s Primary Gathering. It is wonderful to see such risk taking. Next week the P1/2 class are looking forward to their day camp when they will learn to put up tents and cooperate with each other on a campsite. This is valuable training for their future overnight camps.

The children are now getting excited by Earth Day on Sunday 22nd April when we are hoping all the families will come to campus to help us dig, weed and plant the ISM Community Garden. As you will remember, this garden was designed by the Primary children a few weeks ago. See the posters around school for more details.

Reminder: The Lost and Found is located at the ISM Reception. If your child has lost an item please take a look. Please ensure your child’s t-shirts, water bottles and snack boxes are named as these can be confused with those belonging to other children.

Reminder: Childcare is not provided for day students after school has ended. If your child does not have a club, please collect them at either 1.05pm or 2pm. If they do have a club, please collect them at 3pm. The teachers and teaching assistants are busy with meetings and other work after this time and are not supervising children. Therefore, please take your child off campus. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Kate Schermbrucker

EC News

A small band of hunter-gatherers have been overnighting in our classroom this week, leaving animal bones, fires and graffiti all over the place. Security have been informed.

We wondered what stories their cave-art might be telling us and had a go at producing some of our own ‘quest’ stories through cave art. In PE we learnt the importance of sharing between family groups for the survival of all. In maths we went on a quest to find dinosaurs, counting and grouping them (although of course, everyone knows that dinosaurs and people were never around at the same time)! In literacy we found out why we might find a ‘magic e’ in a cave.

Next week we will be looking at stories of Rebirth. Think of the Frog Prince, or Beauty and the Beast. We will focus on the art of Oral Storytelling and will be inviting lots of surprise storytellers to join us around our cave fire. Our Learner Profile attribute will be ‘Reflective’.

Thanks to everyone who supported our little assembly. The children did us all proud as usual.

Owain Evans

P 1/2 News

The use of pesticides in our gardens and farms has its benefits as well as numerous, on-going potential problems. P1/2 have begun to realize this. Videos on the use and dangers of pesticides have helped. We had a very insightful discussion with Mama Janieck on the alternatives of using pesticides. A mixture of garlic, chilli and the ‘Ndulele’ fruit works wonders as a natural pesticide. Thank you Gelske and we appreciate the strawberry plants which you gave to each of the children.

Next week, we will be welcoming Mama Jasmijn who will share insightful information concerning trash collection, separation and ‘plastic soup’.

On Friday, we will be camping out for half the day on school grounds. Please do read over the information sent to you concerning this event.

Pictograms were the order of the day last week. We will be making and interpreting Venn-diagrams and Carroll diagrams next.

Show and Tell: Vicky and Anais

Mboka Mwasongwe

P 2/3 News

Dear P2/3 Parents

This week the children have been making a hanging mobile of the solar system. Please stop by the classroom and have a look. The children have been researching into many different areas. They been finding out interesting facts about the solar system. They have been working independently on areas of interest. In reading, the class are in interest clusters. They have selected a topic that they want to learn more about. These topics range from History, Art, Animals to Sports.

In writing we are going to produce a whole class book about the solar system. We will also be reading The Important Book and creating our own on topics which we feel passionately about.

In math, some children are working on math problems with a partner. The opportunity to talk about math helps them to advance in their mathematical ability. Other children in the class will be consolidating their number sense.

A gentle reminder to collect your children from school on time. Either 1:05 on non-club days, 3pm on club days and at 12:35 Friday. This ensures the safety of your child. Thank you.

  • Monday – Homework
  • Tuesday – Library and PE
  • Wednesday: French
  • Thursday: Swimming 
  • Friday:  Return homework

Have a wonderful weekend

Clare Hibbard

P4 News

This week has flown by in P4. The children have been busy exploring shape in Math and have learned to identify and classify polygons. In Unit of Inquiry they have been beginning to develop research strategies in order to find out more about their chosen wild weather topic. In English they are extending their vocabulary related to this topic and have written shape poems and calligrams using descriptive language. They have also enjoyed writing wild weather adventure fiction and are learning how to integrate their knowledge of their topic to make the writing more realistic and believable. They are doing a great job!

Julie Bowen

P5 News

This week the children have been researching what life is like living under an absolute monarchy or in a totalitarian state. Next week we will look at life in a theocracy, a democratic republic and a constitutional monarchy. We will also have a variety of biographies in the classroom so that the children can learn something of political leaders from the past and human rights activists. The photo shows the children looking at a picture and identifying which human rights are being enjoyed by the population and which are being denied.

In Maths we have learned about different lines (parallel, perpendicular, intersecting.) The children constructed 3D shapes from nets to clarify the difference between a prism and a pyramid. We read a very entertaining book about tangrams (Chinese shape puzzles) and the children have cut their own tangram sets from paper. Next week the children will use their tangrams to create a piece of art. We will use protractors to measure angles and will sort and classify different triangles and quadrilaterals.

Deborah Mills

P6 News

Well done P6s for the great assembly at the beginning of the week. We would also like to appreciate the parents that came in to support us. This is our 5th week and the students are synthesising the information they have found from many different sources. The Big 4 group had a chance of visiting Paige’s farm in Masamamula to learn more about the Ground Hornbills which are endangered. A huge thanks to Natalie (Paige’s mum) for helping out with organising and offering to transport the kids.

At this stage of the Exhibition, we would like to invite parents into class to support us with different tasks e.g. covering display boards, helping with editing  of information and just guiding groups with any other tasks at hand. Just send me an email to indicate the day and time you can come in.

Cathy Wambua