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Tomorrow is Friday Market
Comre Along as there are new stalls on display this month!
Arusha Campus 2 weeks ago

From the Director
3 weeks ago

As we near the end of the first quarter I am astounded at how quickly the time has gone and I am equally conscious that, whilst I have met many, I have by no means met all members of our community. My hope is that as the year progresses I will be able to meet more of you. Please feel free to approach me when you find me on either the Arusha or Moshi campus and I can also easily be reached by email at

So far this quarter I have been fortunate to have been invited into a number of classrooms, hiked in the Pare Mountains with students from both Moshi and Arusha campuses, been part of a variety of campus assemblies, met with various groups of parents and alumni, cheered at sporting tournaments and got to know our new teaching staff both formally and informally. In addition, my work takes me out of school and this weekend I am in Zimbabwe at a meeting of the Board of the Association of International Schools in Africa and presenting at their conference for international school Heads of from across the continent. Whilst sad to miss Moshi’s inaugural 24-hour run, there are never enough weekends in a quarter to prevent clashes and I was fortunate to have WhatsApp to keep me informed as to how everything was going.

As I am sure you are aware the school is tremendously busy throughout the year and this is only possible due to the hard work and commitment of students, staff and parents. So many members of our community give their time and energy both in and outside the classroom. We must therefore recognise that what happens within the formal teaching timetable is but one part of the learning that takes place at school. The myriad of non-classroom-based activities, be they outdoor pursuits, service, sports or clubs, gives our students opportunities to lead, model and learn resilience, cooperation, collaboration, self management and problem solving. I thank all members of our community who give of their time selflessly to provide these opportunities for our students.

Anna Marsden

From the ISM Governing Board
3 weeks ago

Thursday 13th September on our Arusha campus saw the first meeting of the ISM Governing Board for the 2018/19 school year.

Arusha Boarding House Project

The final plans for the Arusha Boarding House were discussed and it is with excitement that we announce that construction will start very soon. This means, that by the beginning of the next school year, Arusha campus will make its transition from a day school to a boarding school.

Application for UWC preliminary approval

ISM’s application for preliminary approval to join the United World college movement is currently being written. Preliminary approval is the second (and often felt to be the most crucial) step in securing UWC membership. Our proposal will be put forward to the 16-member, UWC International Board next month and it is anticipated that we will hear the outcome of our application by the end of October.

Of course we are hoping that our application will be successful, however we also reminded ourselves of the process the school has undertaken to get to this point. The decision to pursue UWC membership was made in the understanding that, regardless of the outcome, the process of self reflection and improvement would benefit the school and reinforce the commitment of all stakeholders to our core values. This in itself affirms and strengthens the institution. Securing UWC membership will be the icing on the cake.

We take this opportunity to wish you a good year at ISM.
Tine Hemelings and Anna Marsden

24 Hour Run – Breakfast
Moshi Campus: 1 month ago

On the Saturday morning of the 24 hour run, the dining hall will be offering a special breakfast for any that are interested. To plan for this they ask that you purchase the breakfast tickets in the main office between Friday the 14th and next Wednesday the 19th. The cost of the breakfast is 5,000 Tsh per person.

We look forward to seeing you there.

World Clean-Up Day
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago

Dear Parents,

ISM Arusha Campus have decided to join forces with our neighbours across the road, Magereza Primary School to conduct an intensive litter clean-up in the environs of both our schools. To this end we would like to take all ISMAC students from P4 upwards across to the Magereza fields to help the clean-up process. Children in P3 and younger will remain in the ISMAC school grounds to make their contribution. We shall all don protective gloves and try and sort the litter into plastic, paper etc as we go.

Teachers, support staff and any willing parents are invited too!

The expedition will start at 8am on Friday 14th September and finish at 9am. At 1.30pm we hope to conduct a whole school assembly with our friends from Magereza to analyse our litter collection effort.
Karibuni wote!

If you DO NOT wish your child to partake in this activity, please contact me directly on
Many thanks

24 Hour Run – Update
Moshi Campus: 1 month ago

Thank you to everyone that signed up today to join a team. The day is really starting to take shape with the themed laps and side events.
Please remember that there will be a trip out on Saturday the 15th at 10am leaving from the ISM carpark to Mitumba for people to get supplies for the themed laps.
We look forward to seeing you all on the 21st ready to run.

Do you want to help out at the Rotary ISMAC triathlon?
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago

Rotary ISMAC Triathlon Saturday 8th September 2018

Registration for this event will close at 5pm TODAY (Tuesday 4th September). Please pass the word along!

However, if you would like to be involved or wish for something to do while your loved ones are competing, then please contact me in advance to let us know.

We are seeking volunteers to help out between 8:00-9:00, 9:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00, 11:00-12:00, 12:00-13:00, and 13:00-14:00.

If you will be able to assist, please sign up on the sheet just outside the main office or you can send an email to or

Many thanks and see you at ISMAC on Saturday morning!

Friday Market tomorrow
please support our community!
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago

Our Friday market has been a highlight of the month for several years now. Please help keep it alive by coming along to support our traders.

Notice: Arusha Parent Teacher Association
Annual General Meeting
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago

Tuesday 2nd October 2018
The time of this meeting has yet to be determined. Please click on the link in the email sent to you to ‘vote’ for your preferred time – 8am, 4:30pm or 6pm.

PTA Welcome Picnic
Moshi Campus: 1 month ago

Swimming at Arusha Campus 2018-19
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago

As promised, here is a follow up bulletin, defining the way in which the swim programme will be presented at ISMAC this quarter.
FIrstly, allow me to introduce our swim coaches, Mr Baltazzari (pictured left) and Mr Kevin (pictured right). These gentlemen will manage six swim sessions per week in total.

Tuesday 2.30-3.30 Bronze Swimmers
Tuesday 3.30-4.30 Silver and Gold Swimmers
Thursday 2.30-3.30 Bronze Swimmers
Thursday 3.30-4.30 Silver and Gold Swimmers
Friday 2.00-2.30 Learn to Swim Programme for very young swimmers (P1 and P2)
Friday 2.30-3.15 Bronze Swimmers

The cost to join any number of these sessions will be TZS 60,000 per quarter and this is payable to Grace in the Accounts office.

In order for this programme to be successful we need as many swimmers to sign up as possible. It’s not too late to do so; all you have to do is email Mr Ratsakatika on and then make payment to Grace.


The new regime has made a commitment to adhere to the following central principles during their sessions:

1. FUN

We firmly believe that fun and stroke development deserve their place ahead of speed and stamina. If we have willing swimmers who have developed sound technique, the speed and stamina will follow.

The ISMAC Swim Team is invited to take part in several galas throughout the year. A list of gala dates is given below:
31st October – Secondary Swim Gala at ISM Moshi Campus
30th November – Primary Swim Gala at ISM Arusha Campus
1st December – Secondary Swim Gala at ISM Arusha Campus
9th February – Primary Swim Gala at Kennedy House School
8th March – Primary Swim Gala at St Constantine’s School
9th March – Secondary Swim Gala at St Constantine’s School

I hope this information helps. If you have any ideas about how to improve our swimming offering, please do not hesitate to come and see me.

The 2018 ISM Rotary Triathlon
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago


It’s that time of year again when we strive to throw off the body’s excesses gained during the school holidays!
The Rotary ISM Triathlon is a fun event open to athletes of all ages and abilities. There literally is something for everyone.

You may contact Caroline or Phil for more details OR simply download the application forms below and email them back to us. The sooner you fill in the forms the more certain you will be of registration. Also, if you inform us of your email address we will include you on a mailing list.

Application forms will NOT be registered unless payment is made at the same time. Payment may be made in cash to ISM Arusha Campus or by Mpesa to 0754 751522. The Receiver’s name is Leandry Panga.
Importantly, ALL competitors will be asked to sign a Participation Waiver. So to that end, each competitor must fill in an application form.

Best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask if you require more information.

PTA Welcome Coffee Morning
Arusha Campus: 1 month ago

Enjoy a cup of coffee and find out more about how you can join our PTA Committee and help make our school even better! Tomorrow…

Eid Al Adha – No Classes
ISM: 1 month ago

We wish everyone a happy Eid al-Adha for Wednesday 22nd August. This is also a reminder that there will be no classes in school on this day.