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Friday Market
Arusha Campus 5 days ago

International Festival
Arusha Campus 1 week ago

Support our PYP Exhibition
Arusha Campus 3 weeks ago

PARENTS: please consider giving your child some spending money for this worthwhile event!

Talk: Arusha Campus Plastic Free
Arusha 3 weeks ago

As a follow on from yesterday’s plastic bulletin, for those items in the school which can’t be sourced without wrapping, we are teaming up with Dunia Designs to take away and repurpose our items that cannot be Refused, Reused or Recycled. Just think, the new changing rooms were once discarded plastic!

To help us understand why this initiative is so important and how we can support it, we are hosting an Information morning for all parents and secondary students with Alexis Cronin from Dunia Designs.

During this session, Alexis will explain what Dunia Designs do and the process they use from the collection of plastic to their finished items. Alexis will also give a demonstration of how their plastic shredding machine works, followed by a discussion about plastic collection on campus and any plastic-related questions you may have.
We hope to see you all on:

Thursday April 25th at 8am in the Performance area!
Everbody Welcome!